Happy Canada Day!

Happy Canada Day everyone! I hope all of you are safe and healthy and able to enjoy celebrating Canada’s 153rd birthday today. As a native born Canadian I have been proud of my country for most of my life. Many people around the world want to come to Canada for a better life and that speaks volumes of what Canada has to offer.

That said I wonder how many more birthdays Canada will have? I am 55 years old and I can’t remember a more divided country. East versus West, Left versus Right. Resource Development versus Environment. Canada use to be about accepting people from all walks of life and accepting that we are different but united in our core beliefs and values. However even trying to define what those beliefs and values are today ends up causing division.

We use to be able to have civil discussions and tolerate different opinions but everyday it seems that this is no longer the case. If you voice the wrong opinion it can cost you your job. Just ask Don Cherry or Stockwell Day. It’s even gotten to the point of liking a tweet is enough to get you fired. I am nervous just writing this post. In a free and democratic country this should not be the case. Freedom of speech is the cornerstone of democracy.

In addition to that our political system seems to be very broken. To become Prime Minister of Canada you only need the votes of Ontario and Quebec. Win those two provinces and you can dictate how the rest of Canada lives.

Political party leaders dictate what the rest of their elected MP’s vote instead of allowing each MP to vote how their constituencies want them to. Our Senate has long been broken with it being appointed instead of elected. I think there is much that could be done to reform our political system but the will to do so by elected officials is simply not there. I will say that any changes should be voted on by all Canadian’s in a referendum.

I don’t hold out much hope that Canada will survive much longer especially if Justin Trudeau is re-elected in the next Federal election. My one hope is if Dr. Leslyn Lewis can win the leadership of the Conservative Party of Canada she might just be able to turn things around. I love her video for Canada Day. Makes me feel proud to be Canadian, something that has been missing for awhile. Happy Canada Day!

2 thoughts on “Happy Canada Day!

  1. Well written Dean, you are so right about our country and it’s problems and I also fear for our country, and if the Liberals win the next election, I will be joining the weexit group.
    With the amount of debt JT and the liberals has amassed your children, my grandchildren will bear the burden of it for the rest of their lives and probably their children as well.
    We need to abolish the senate and the golden handshake that politicians receive. that would be a good start to reinventing a new political system.
    Its tough to say Happy Canada Day……

    1. Yes the debt is also a very big concern. Politicians spend taxpayer money like drunken sailors and face no consequences other then maybe losing their seat in parliament.

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