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Highwood Pass Ride

Yesterday I went on a ride through Highwood Pass in Kananaskis Country, which is just west of Calgary, Alberta. Highway 40 takes you through the highest paved pass in Canada and offers spectacular views of the mountains and wildlife. We saw a couple groups of mountain goats crossing the highway along the way. This is a very popular ride with motorcyclists as a round trip from Calgary is just over 300 kms, so it makes for a nice day trip on a bike.

This was my first time taking highway 40 over the pass and the weather was perfect. The trip was made even more enjoyable because I got to do the trip with my daughter Grace and her boyfriend Bryson along with his dad Stu and his brother Evan.

Highwood Pass Route

Normally the trip would be to go west on highway 1 from Calgary and turn south on highway 40 which takes you over the pass and then ends when you hit highway 22 and the town of Longview. This is where many bikers stop and enjoy a meal with their fellow riders and gas up before riding back to Calgary.

We did the trip in reverse this time because the previous Saturday we attempted to do this ride and got stuck in major traffic delays going west on highway 1. Stop and go traffic on a bike is not fun and we even hit some rain as well. After turning on to highway 40 we stopped at the Esso and made the decision to go back as the weather was looking to get even worse. East bound traffic on highway 1 was much better however the bit of rain we ran into on the way out turned into major thunderstorm and drenched us from west of Cochrane all the way to Calgary.

This Saturday after checking google maps and seeing the red on highway 1, something we should have done the previous Saturday, we decided to do the trip in reverse. This time going south to Longview and then west on High 40 through the pass. Weather was sunny and warm and made for a great ride.

Kind of funny how I was born and raised in Calgary and have never done this trip before now. In any event if you want a fun ride with lots to see, the Highwood Pass is a great ride that I highly recommend!

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