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New Bike Trailer – Stinger XL 112

After riding my bike out to Vancouver Island last year I wanted to find a better option this year. The solution was to buy the Stinger XL 112 folding trailer. I plan on going out every year and participating in Ryde The Rock and visiting my dad. Having a trailer to tow my bike out seems like a good idea. My only problem is I do not have room to store a conventional trailer. Buying a folding trailer solves that problem.

Don’t get me wrong I think riding my bike out there and back last year was a once in a life time trip. I learned that my bike is not a touring bike. Doing 1000 km trip in a single day is not an enjoyable experience. In addition getting stuck in bumper to bumper traffic for hours in full riding gear is not an enjoyable experience at all!

Stinger XL 112 Trailer

The solution is to tow my bike out to the island behind our minivan. This way both my wife and I can enjoy the trip together. Not having to worry about storage space, weather or being stuck in traffic in full riding gear will be great. Not that being stuck in traffic is enjoyable but at least I will be a more comfortable in an air conditioned van. This also saves putting on an extra 2000 km a year on my bike. I can enjoy riding on Vancouver Island with out putting a lot of additional km’s. Maybe some day I will get a bigger touring bike that both my wife and I can ride on. For now though, this is the best solution as my wife can still drive the van while I am riding my bike.

The fact the trailer folds up and fits nicely off to to the side of the garage is so great. It only takes up a little bit of space when not being used. We have loaded up my bike and done a couple of test runs before we head out. I had to buy a hitch that raises the front of the trailer up a bit more. Moved the bike back a bit more so its over the rear tires of the trailer. This makes the bike more stable and the trailer pulls better.

I have never owned a trailer before or towed anything. Still trying to figure out how to back it up. Riding a bike is so much easier! I will write a follow up post once we are back from our vacation to the Island. Ryde the Rock is cancelled this year but I still want to visit my dad and get some riding in.

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