Riding A Motorcycle In The Year 2020

Last year I bought a used bike and started riding a motorcycle again. In my youth I rode motorcycles on the farm. In my early 20’s I raced motocross all over Alberta. I also owned a Honda 750 Supersport for the street. I really missed riding so getting a chance to buy a bike and hit the road again was a dream come true.

It’s hard to describe what it’s like to ride a bike until you actually have done it yourself. There is a sense of freedom you can’t get doing anything else. Riding a motorcycle taught me to be a better driver because as a rider you need to be so much more aware of the road and what vehicles are doing around you.

Not sure about you but in 2020 the traffic on the roads is way more than it use to be. The driving skills of many drivers on the roads are also on the decline, if you ask me. As such riding a motorcycle on the street is probably a more risky endeavor compared to when I rode back in the 80’s.

Having said that there are two things you can do to help reduce the risk and that is having good riding skills and road strategy. Road strategy is something I have used all my life as a driver. Its something I wish was taught to vehicles drivers as the roads would be a lot safer for everyone.

As a returning rider it’s a good idea to practice your riding skills and refresh those road strategies. I have come across an excellent resource that has helped me as a returning rider that I thought I would share with you. McRider offers a weekly YouTube video to help teach and reinforce good riding habits and road strategy . If you are a new, returning or experienced rider I believe there is something here for everyone.

Kevin is a Motorcycle Safety Foundation and Total Control certified instructor located in Dallas / Fort Worth, TX. As an instructor he can only teach a few riders at a time and he started the McRider site to help reach more riders all over the world.

Motorcycles are only as safe as the person riding them. It’s up to you to learn and practice so you can enjoy the freedom of riding a motorcycle while staying safe in the year 2020. I have found this site and the weekly videos to be a big help in keeping me safe on the road as a returning rider and highly recommend this to anyone who is thinking about or is riding a motorcycle.

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