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Valencia Tuscany Console Edition Home Theatre Seating

I have always wanted to have my own home theatre and to accomplish that one needs to have home theatre seating. Up until recently having a home theater was something only the wealthy could afford but now that is starting to change with more affordable options.

Home furniture retailers have started selling home theater seating and even Best Buy sells them now. Makes sense really, as you can get everything you need for a complete home theater at one retailer.

The biggest issue I had was space and if I went with true theater seating, which has arms on both sides, the maximum number of seats I could have in my basement was 5. I almost gave up on theater seating instead thinking of going with a sectional. Still even with that I would only be able to seat 5 comfortably and it was hard to find something that would fit my basement space limitations.

I ended up finding something that fit my space requirements while at the same time giving me additional functionality that you can’t get in regular theater seats. Valencia Tuscany Console Theatre Seating was perfect as I had enough space to put two in a single row. This means we can have up to 6 people watch a movie comfortably. After watching the video below I knew this was exactly what I wanted to get.

I ended up ordering directly from Valencia. They offered white glove delivery free of charge. This was great as they unboxed and set up the seats and then took away all of the cardboard etc. While it was a bit on the pricey side for us, investing in good quality furniture means it will hopefully last longer. I told my wife now that the kids have all grown up we can actually have some nice things!

The seats arrived last Friday and we have since watched a few movies. The quality is fantastic and so comfortable to sit in. In fact I fell asleep during the first movie which I have done before in theatres. That confirmed to me that these are truly movie theatre quality seats!

In any event if you have been thinking about creating your own home theatre and looking for some quality seats I highly recommend checking out Valencia as they make many different styles of home theatre seating. Now I just need to find a good popcorn maker!

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