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Visiting The Butchart Gardens After 31 Years

On our trip to Vancouver Island this summer my wife Chris and I decided to visit The Butchart Gardens again after 31 years. The last time we were here was on our honeymoon. It was my first time visiting the west coast and Vancouver Island.

The Butchart Gardens are located just north of the City of Victoria at Brentwood Bay. I have to admit that as a guy, this was not at the top of my list of things to go see while on the island. Chris often drags me to see things I am not really interested in. I am always appreciative of the fact she does as I often find myself enjoying things I never thought I would. The gardens are certainly one of those occasions.

The size and beauty of the gardens are hard to express. I have shared a few pictures above to give you an idea. To think this all started from Jennie Butchart vision over a 100 years ago is amazing. The gardens are now a National Historical Site of Canada. With millions of bedding plants and over 900 varieties it truly is a must see.


One thing different this time was of course the covid-19 measures. One way paths, staying 6 feet apart, and groups no larger than 6 people. The 6 foot rule was often violated as people over took slower people on the paths. There really is no way to avoid this unless everyone moved at the slowest paced people on the path.

If this is something that does bother you then I would suggest not going. Chris and I were okay with this as people passed by quickly and the risk was minimal. We are not going to stay home and live in fear for the rest of our lives.

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