WNBF Canada 2020 Season Cancelled

Yesterday WNBF Canada announced that the WNBF Canada 2020 Season was cancelled. I had planned on competing in May but those shows were postponed until later this fall. Given the option to compete in the fall or compete next year, I chose to compete next year.

I made this decision for two reason. The first and most important was that it was to long to stay that lean. This would have been unhealthy in my opinion. Second was that there was no guarantee that the shows would happen. This turned out to be true so even more glad I made the decision I made.

The WNBF Canada 2020 Season being cancelled was disappointing but considering the big picture people have experience far greater disappointment due to COVID-19 this year. I compete in natural bodybuilding for a hobby and this will give me another year to get better before getting on stage.

Next Year

My goal is to look better than I did in 2014 when I last competed at 49. I will be 56 next year. To look better then I did at 49 will be a major victory. People put a lot of time and effort into getting in stage condition so having as many competitors and people in the audience makes it that much more of an experience. That would have been missing had they gone ahead this year.

So my only issue for next year is that they moved the Calgary show to October and the Edmonton show to May. This is the opposite to how it normally happens. I had planned on competing in Winnipeg and Calgary this year. Most likely I will stick with May and compete in the Winnipeg and Edmonton shows. I might even push to June and compete in Kelowna.

With no one able to compete with WNBF Canada this year I bet next year you will see a lot more competitors next year. 2021 will be exciting and hopefully make up for this years disappointment.

2021 Show Dates
May 1 – Vancouver Naturals
Mid May – Winnipeg Naturals
May 29 – Edmonton Naturals
June 26 – Kelowna Naturals
September – Ontario Naturals
October 23 – Pro/Am Intercontinental & Calgary Naturals

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